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The Urban Legends Tour [Aurel_6007]

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The Urban Legends Tour [Aurel_6007] Empty The Urban Legends Tour [Aurel_6007]

Post by aurel_6007 23rd July 2015, 12:15 pm

Topic of this event ! Click there <= or here =>

Welcome to The Urban Legends Tour ! For this cup, you will participate to six urban races with the wonderfull Obey 9F.

This Cup has been selected as an official event! (event on Sunnday 9th August)
During this event, each race will last 15 minutes for a event of 2h. You need to be in an official PERF team to sign up (like Lotus, McLaren...) and you also need to paint your car with your official colors. Qualifying session on saturday 8th at 4pm UTC.

Zero Hero GP : 10 Laps

Gaze GP : 11 Laps

Californian GP : 8 Laps

Batavian GP : 7 Laps

Midnight Oil : 7 Laps

Paradise Circus Tour + : 8 Laps

And here is the playlist

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