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Post by SeniorTotor 6th September 2015, 11:55 pm

(This thread is a copy of this one I posted on NoDo forum a few days ago.)

Dear All,

Just to let you know I published 10 days ago 2 races.
I'm being way far from telling they're good, worth it or whatelse, nor trying to trigger some kind of advertisement towards myself.
That's not big deal, really!  Razz

First one is Little Thumb

The story of this one dates back to my puzzling and frustration about Alice15's and bruceprintscrn tracks.
Honestly, I liked a lot racing alone Alice's tracks (especially TOKYO R246 GranTurismo), plus one from bruceprintscrn (Kung Fu Llama).
However, when sharing these ones (which are  PS3 tracks I believe) with friends and others, I came to the conclusion that these tracks were most of the time really unpracticable (despite being quite good in my opinion) simply because not a single lamp post is protected in any manner (and trust me there are tons in TOKYO R246 GranTurismo and Kung Fu Llama). These tracks being short and technical, it really quickly becomes a total mess if not everybody is aware of the track flaws in the lobby.
So, after cancelling a few 6-months-dated jobs of mine that were really not worth, I barely tried to remake more or less Kung Fu Llama (I'm not hiding myself from that).
Being also pissed off by hotlapers always sidewalking (hereby hitting tons of lamp posts and ruining everybody's race) I made my way with Little Thumb  pirat

Second one is Los Pantos Grand Prix

This one comes from funny moments we had the past 3 weeks with JojjeOkocha, LofaLofa (who are also NoDo members if I remember well) and others about compact tracks (I mean mainly Panto tracks).
JojjeOkocha being creating a few of his own, I tried to make one so that we have fun together, trying to keep it as flowly and simple as possible.
By the way, if you're curious about Los Pantos Grand Prix, Jojje recorded a single lap of it which can be found here.

Again, I'm not pretending these two tracks are worth.
Just to let you know.

Eventually, I'd like also to let you know I opened a thread about three weeks ago here asking advice from all of you regarding nice compact tracks or playlists (it's not about designing tracks, just picking up on RSC nice tracks/playlists from others I wouldn't be aware of). Any suggestion is very welcome  Wink

Thanks and cheers  Very Happy

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Post by DJ_BIG_L 8th September 2015, 10:17 pm

Beautiful tracks !!! Los Pantos Grand Prix my favorite Smile

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