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Swingyy_ (introduction)

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Swingyy_ (introduction) Empty Swingyy_ (introduction)

Post by Swingyy_ 19th November 2016, 3:32 pm

RSC: Swingyy_
PSN: Swingyy_
GMT: +1

So... I'm 21 and I'm from Poland. I play GTA online for like... 2 years, I belive. But I moved from old gen (x360 to ps4) like 3 months ago. I'm not a big fan of creating maps, but racing is a main thing to do in GTA for me. On x360 i was in a racing crew (Custom Racers Crew). Nothing special, but it was fun. Now I'm on ps4 and I'm just getting bored because of playing with randoms. I'm not the quickest one, but I know what competitive racing is all about.
And... Yeah... Looking forward to play with u guys! Very Happy


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