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Full list of my Creations

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Full list of my Creations Empty Full list of my Creations

Post by WhiteyWhite_ 8th April 2016, 1:50 am

Hello everyone!

I will post a full list of my creations in this Thread.
As some of you already know, I include bridges in almost all of my tracks. The bridges are always smooth to make clean racing possible at all times.
I do that, because I think that almost everything has been done in the streets of Los Santos. I try to make totally new routes possible to ensure a unique experience.
As long as there's a video available I will post it under the track name and the Social Club Link.
Some of them have Pit stops available, I will make sure to point those tracks out.
All of them have most of the sidewalks blocked of and lamp posts secured in 'dangerous' locations to deliver a racing experience with less incidents. (If you find something that needs to be blocked off or changed, let me know)
Big thanks to Jona Golt and Granulit, who provided me with the music for some of my videos!
Jona Golt:

Also let me know what you think!

I will begin with my recreated Tracks. These are recreations of other tracks where I smoothend out/added a bridge
Shout out to Cirrus5005 and DJ_BIG_L for creating these amazing tracks in the first place.

Reconstructed Skyline 2

The Descent of Darius II

Mad Max Grand Prix

These are my own creations:

Straight Flush Circuit

Project Zancudo

Casino Grand Prix 2.0

Sweaty Hands GP

Arcadius City Loop

Grapeseed Paradise

Docks to Stock III


Rockford Plaza GP

Hybrid Raceway

Limp Bridgezkit

Up 'n' Downtown GP

Maze Bank Grand Prix

Crucial Fix Raceway

Grapey Shores

Tales of Rockford Plaza

Panto Esperanto

McKenzie Speedway

The Lost Rallycross

The Never Ending Story

Breakfast at Vespuccis


Pillbox Hospitality

Maze Bank Grind & Maze Bank Grind reverse
Note: Don't take these too serious. Clean racing ist still possible but the bridge is ridicoulusly huge and the Maze Bank entry/exit is a bit narrow. (The reverse one is better)

So that's it! I will keep this thread updated and when I load up a new video to one of my tracks I will post it in here.


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Full list of my Creations Empty Re: Full list of my Creations

Post by DJ_BIG_L 8th April 2016, 8:50 am

Very nice Whitey !!! Smile Wink Smile

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