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Post by Djoul-Bnc 3rd September 2016, 12:42 am

Hi everybody,

I'm Djoul-Bnc, swiss made product Razz  (and half european champion cause my mother come from Portugal cheers )

I like driving with fair-play driver to try to become a little bit better every day.
I'm commissioner from the SUAD (Shut Up And Drive FR, a french racer crew) where I become friend with Le__AK who was one of our good driver.
He switched on PS4 1 year before me and invite me in the PERF when i switch on ps4.
I try to alternate between SUAD and PERF but for the moment you'll see me most of the time with SUAD cause the crew was a little bit dead and we
are trying to resurrect it.

Have a good day and maybe see u in a race.

P.S: My psn ID and Social-Club ID are the same: Djoul-Bnc

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