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GTA 5 2vs2 Non Conctact Racing Cup #1

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GTA 5 2vs2 Non Conctact Racing Cup #1 Empty GTA 5 2vs2 Non Conctact Racing Cup #1

Post by fatziii 1st December 2015, 9:43 pm

Hi guys,

well I am not a member of PERF but some of you guys know me maybe from racing, or got spammed in PSN Mad Very Happy

I just opened a website with a friend together for GTA racing cups and tournaments (and rocket league).

Neo told me that some of you people don't believe it's legit to win 30,- € in a cup where the registration is free without any entry fee. But yeah, it is. That's not the only website I'm hosting and I earn enough money to arrange things like that - just for fun and because I love (competitive) GTA racing!

So all of you guys are invited to participate in our first GTA 2vs2 Cup on monday which starts at 6:30pm (british time).

Short details:

  • 16 Teams
  • Single elimination
  • Rockstar tracks only
  • Prize money: The winner earns 30,- €

In every round there will be a list of 5 different Rockstar races created by The Clan, who has the most points (the points of both mates will be summated), wins. Every track has 4 rounds!

The cup is like this:

GTA 5 2vs2 Non Conctact Racing Cup #1 Go4sc210

If you are one of the better teams, it takes some time to reach the finale.

Do you want to participate? Just register for free on (click on register or login on the top of the website) and sign up for your favourite cup.



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GTA 5 2vs2 Non Conctact Racing Cup #1 Empty Re: GTA 5 2vs2 Non Conctact Racing Cup #1

Post by rzodkiew 6th December 2015, 12:20 pm

Rockstar tracks only....? Wrong crew mate.


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