What is there to expect from the Stunt race creator?

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What is there to expect from the Stunt race creator?

Post by WhiteyWhite_ on 23rd July 2016, 8:59 pm

I managed to use CynicalCreator's glitch to get into the new stunt race creator.
Unfortuanetly it's already patched but I'll tell you guys what I saw and will also post a link to a track I created with the new props.

1. Yes we will be able to use 150 props.
The standard Rockstar stunt races all have 150 props. However in the glitched version of the creator,
you had to delete almost all of the because there still was a limit of 100 props.

2. We will be able to remove Lamp Posts, Traffic Lights ect.
In the new creator they were surrounded by a purple box and when you hovered over them the box would turn orange.
Again in the glitched version there was nthing you could do but I suppose that this will be added.

3. There is a massive variety of new props to choose from.
Let it be Tubes, Racetrack elements, or just ridicoulusly huge platforms. They will Blow. Your. Mind.
Especially the platforms give a superb oppurtunity to divide a street. If you test my race, you will notice a long, thin barrier when exiting the Rockford Center tunnel.
Yeah, that's only one prop. (Divides the street for as long as one whole block)

4. There is a "snap" feature, that allows you to snap props together.
This will allow you to build very smooth racetracks or barriers.
Also bridges will be very easy to build because once one prop snapped to the other one you will still be able to rotate the prop to your liking.

So that's it for now, I'll leave the Link to the Track "Rockford Plazapalooza" here so you guys can get a view of what's about to come. (300 Plays in just 3 Days lol)


If you have any further questions, hit me up Wink

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Read more: http://redrumracing.freeforums.net/thread/1154/new-stunt-race-creator#ixzz4FG9fpbxl


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Re: What is there to expect from the Stunt race creator?

Post by DJ_BIG_L on 24th July 2016, 11:30 pm

Thank you Smile

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